Elizabeth Cosmos gives workshops in Nerja and has consults April 7th and 8th. April 9th and 10h she gives workshops Level I y Level II «Connect to the Origin of the Energy of  the True Love».


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Elizabeth Cosmos, author, teacher and practitioner has been involved in spiritual healing for more than 30 years. She was responsible for the founding and development of a comprehensive, hospital-based integrated medicine program for alternative therapies at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, and she is also the founder of the International Association of Ama-Deus, LLC. Her work has been featured in such international publications as National Geographic.

Beth worked three years in the study of Ama-Deus, of which the last seven months was intensive training with Alberto Aguas before his passing. This sacred wisdom Ama-Deus is being carried forward directly as was transmitted to her from Alberto.

Beth is an ordained Minister in the Science of Mind Church for Spiritual Healing, and earned her doctorate degree in Energy Medicine at Holos University Graduate Seminary. She is the author of Ama-Deus Healing with the Sacred Energies of the Universe. Beth resides in Grand Rapids, MI and travels globally teaching and sharing the Ama-Deus® Healing Method.

Workshops Level I, Saturday april 9th: € 100 (with diploma)
Workshops Level II, Sunday april 10th: € 100 (with diploma)

Reservations € 100.

Consultations € 40. To book a consultation please call to; 683 22 53 73 or 685 21 06 52.

More information and reservations: tel: 683225373 and 685210652 or send an email from our website page:

Workshops and Consultations Ama-Deus® – Elizabeth Cosmos in Nerja